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ComSensus: Functional and operational requirements

With more than 30 technical actors the  RESOLVD system has a complex architecture that integrates not only hardware systems and devices but also software components, applications and services. All of them must be properly interconnected and communicate in realtime, allowing the correct operation and performance of the platform as well as ensuring a fully interoperable environment. Given such a heterogeneous system, it is of main importance to identify the requirements of every single actor involved. ComSensus, heavily supported by UdG, INTRACOM, EYPESA, UPC and JR, has been actively involved in the definition and specification of such requirements.

RESOLVD architecture overview

As a result, the identified requirements have been classified into the following categories:

  • Functional requirements: describe processes, information and interactions among system components and the environment
  • Non-functional requirements: describe factors such as environment, business process, security, performance, scalability, regulation compliance, etc. and  were further clissified into:
    • Interface requirements
    • User interface requirements
    • Operational requirements

All this, together with the involved legacy systems of the DSO, represents the backbone of RESOLVD platform and the conditions to be met for the initiation of the particular solution proposed by the project.

The detailed description of the functional and operational requirements is specified in the corresponding deliverable and can be downloaded via the following link : D.1.2 Functional and operational requirements

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