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RESOLVD Pilot Site

RESOLVD is now entering the final phase, where the main focus is on the evaluation of the RESOLVD technology at the pilot site. A newsletter providing an update about the challenging period due to the COVID-19 situation was published.

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Cyber security guidelines for RESOLVD

To improve the efficiency and the hosting capacity of distribution networks in the low voltage grid collecting and processing of vast amounts of different data sets is needed. To achieve this, massively interconnected and smart sensors and actuators are required…

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e-demo day summary

On June 10th the RESOLVD project held an e-demo day which reflected the current developments of the project by demonstrating next generation technologies to improve the efficiency and hosting capacity of distribution networks The event was organized by the Smart…

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The 6th Global Meeting Resolvd

The 6th Global Meeting

The 6th Global Meeting of the RESOLVD Project took place in Graz (Austria) on March 3rd and 4th 2020. The meeting was organized by the Competence Group Cyber Security and Defence of JOANNEUM RESEARCH – DIGITAL. As RESOLVD is now…

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LV grid Operation scheduler provider

The scheduling problem has been defined as a classical constraint satisfaction problem with a corresponding fitness function. The goal of the scheduling problem is to estimate the optimal configuration of the network and schedule battery set-points and status of switchgears…

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