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WP1 - Specifications and design of LV smart grids and interaction

D.1.2 Functional and operational requirements

D.1.3 Interoperability and integration analysis and requirements.

D.1.4 Information Security requirements.

WP2 - Grid actuation, control and flexibility

D.2.1 Power electronics device design specifications and models for the architectures

D.2.4 Power sharing strategies for performance optimization of a heterogeneous grouping of storage devices into the power electronics device

D.2.5 Test protocol and laboratory test results

WP3 - Network Sensing and Observability

D.3.1 Design specification for network observability

D.3.6 Decision Support for self-healing

WP4 - Integration platform and interoperability with legacy systems

D.4.1 Detailed description of the platform

D.4.5 Cybersecurity analysis and recommendations

WP5 - Validation in relevant environment and results

D.5.1 Validation set-up report: Description of scenarios, tests and validation indicators

D.5.2 Report on HW installation with feedback to activities related to grid
actuation, platform integration and interoperability with legacy systems.

D.5.3 Report on SW installation with feedback to activities related to grid
actuation, network sensing, platform integration and interoperability with
legacy systems.

D.5.4 Report on Tests and Performance Indicators Evaluation

WP6 - New business models, project exploitation and standardisation

D.6.1 Stakeholders, actors and role

D.6.2 Stakeholders, actors and role. Final version

WP7 - Communication and Dissemination

D.7.2 Website

D.7.6 Final Dissemination report

D.7.8 Final Communication report

D.7.9 Post-project impact plan

WP8 - Project management and coordination and knowledge management

D.8.4 Data Management Plan

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