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Power Electronics Device - CITCEA

Power electronic solution that integrates multiple battery types and manages their dynamic energy and power flows. 

Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) & Edge Computing - Comsensus

A wide area monitoring solution that provides increased observability of the LV grid & has edge computing capabilities

Smart Gateway - Comsensus

Gateway to measure power quality in the buildings or charging areas and communicates to 3rd party

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Data Management Platform - INTRACOM

Integration middleware software that facilitates interaction among various software applications that are relevant to a DSO. It also manages data exchange, analytics and visualisation

Cybersecurity Methodology - JS

Cybersecurity threat modelling strategy that ensures security throughout system development lifecycle

RESOLVD LV Decision Support Toolkit (LVD-DST) - UdG

A suite of web services that provides enhanced energy monitoring and scheduling capabilities

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