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The 2nd Global Meeting

The 2nd Global Meeting Resolvd Project

The 2nd Global Meeting of the RESOLVD Project took place in Ljubljana (Slovenia) the 24-25 of January 2018. Representatives from all the partners in the consortium attended the meeting, which was hosted by COMSENSUS.

The meeting was organized in two days, the first mainly focused on technical aspects of the project and WP1-2 progress revision and WP3-4 kick off, and the second with emphasis on dissemination (WP7), business models (WP7) and organization and management issues (WP8).

A technical workshop on the use cases was conducted by EYPESA. High Level Use Cases (HLUC) based on  the problems of the low voltage grid and DSO goals, were broken down into Primary use cases. Actors involved in every HLUC were also identified.

Stakeholders Innovation Group (SIG) creation (foreseen in M8) was addressed by the Innovation Manager, Heidi Tuiskula from SIN, in terms of stakeholders selection and recruitment. Very fruitful and  active discussions among all the partners were held. The role of this advisory group is to assess and determine the quality of project results and their practical applicability orienting dissemination, implementation and take up of results and market trends to maximise impact and innovation.

The basis for the communication strategy were also discussed. Planned actions to communicate the project’s progress and achievements to stakeholders and the public will be included in the comunication plan, expected to be ready in M6

The following Face to Face meetings will take place during the technical workshop to be scheduled in Barcelona (UPC premises) in the early June 2018, and 3rd Global Meeting, which  will be organised by ICOM, next September in Peana (Greece).

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