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Tools for Enterprise Integration & Data Analytics in RESOLvD

The software solution of RESOLVD project aims to enable the advanced functionalities of active management and monitoring of the low voltage grid – through analytics – developed in the project, offered by different applications in a distributed ecosystem.

The design of RESOLvD Platform encompasses an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB); a middleware that facilitates information exchanges – through the provision of standardised interfaces, service mediation and orchestration (among other features) – allowing the seamless integration among the different applications of the project, as well as with the legacy systems of the DSO and external systems (e.g. weather services).

In order to tackle interoperability aspects and provide a future proof solution, a canonical data model was designed for the information flowing from/to the RESOLvD Platform based on Smart Grid standards. More specifically for the integration for the various components at the Distribution Grid Control Centre level the Common Information Model – CIM  standards series was adopted ([]). To address the specificities of the project, custom schemas were created as subsets of the relevant profiles of CIM or new data schemas were created from existing CIM classes, and in some occasions existing classes of the standard data model were extended.


Furthermore, the design of the RESOLvD Platform, included a central data repository (Data Management System) in which a diverse set of data types were stored, managed and processed. Different technologies offering storage and analysis of the heterogeneous data, available at different rates and with different granularities were utilized, incorporating:

  • A triple store database (i.e. Apache Jena []) for storing and querying CIM data in their native format,
  • A NoSQL database (i.e. Apache Cassandra []) for storing heterogenous time series data,
  • Data processing tools (e.g. Apache Spark []) for handling complex queries;

The design of the RESOLvD Platform enables the interplay of the various individual components of the consortium partners as well as integration with legacy systems, enabling the provisioning of value-added services to the DSOs.

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