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Intracom Telecom: Design of the software platform to host the innovative algorithms of the project and facilitate integration

For the last few months we were heavily working on designing the RESOLVD software platform. This platform is responsible for:

  • Transparent integration with legacy systems (i.e. MDMS, SCADA, GIS), the Power Electronic Devices (PEDs), supervision and analytics services as well as external systems (i.e., Weather Forecaster, WAMS), through a common communication infrastructure;
  • Integration of heterogeneous data sources and data types (e.g. smart metering data, weather station data, load consumption / generation forecasts), offering validation and homogenization of data and guaranteeing accessibility with specific QoS characteristics;
  • Hosting the operational applications, which manage the business flow of advanced grid functions (DMS applications) and provide a user interface;
  • Providing analytic computations as a service to other applications and presenting both stored data and results of computations in a UI, embeddable in other applications

Partners are now involved in the implementation of the RESOLVD software platform which will be eventually deployed and tested in a real life setting in the distribution grid operated by EYPESA.

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